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We use the Sentrilock.


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* Provide your clients with a added Health service-Radon testing and not have to worry about the state paperwork.

*Include a Radon test fee with your invoice or I will invoice him or her direct, your call.

* We will work with you on scheduling; the test equipment can be placed before, during or after your Home Inspection.

* We also use the Sentrilock.    ( Note; Windows in the lower level may have tamper proof tape on them).

>>Closed window conditions must be started 12 hours prior to the test. (All windows shall remain closed; normal entrance and exit with doors.

>>Inform clients that the testing machine should not be touched at any time.

>>The test in done in the most used, lowest level of the home. ( additional machines are required over crawl spaces and or bi-levels; per State Protocol.