Surgeon General Warning on Radon.



The Radon detectors used by The Radon Testing Co.(Rockford Radon) are not manufactured by The Radon Testing Co. But, comply with the IEMA Radon measurement program. Radon Testing does not warrant the accuracy of the effectiveness of the program administered and designed by the IEMA/EPA. The Radon Testing Co. will provide the client with results of the analysis, but makes no warranties and assumes no liabilities as to the effectiveness in determining whether the levels of radon in the home have been harmful.  Radon test only measures the radon present at the specific location and specific time the detectors are in place.  Radon Testing Co.(Rockford Radon) cannot be assured that the necessary conditions were maintained through out the test period. There can uncertainty with any radon measurement due to statistical variations and other factors such as the operation of the building and weather conditions the levels of radon can be higher or lower depending on the weather conditions.

While we make every effort to maintain the highest possible quality control and include checks and verification steps in our procedures, we make NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, for the consequences of erroneous test results. Neither Radon Testing Co. or its employees or agents shall be liable under any claim or charge in any form or any loss or cost, fees or damages of any nature of kind arising out of, resulting form or connected with, or sustained as a result of any radon test.

This radon test is a screening that serve to indicate the potential for radon levels in the referenced building. It will provide information needed to determine if an additional action or testing is needed.  Test conditions: Per the Division of Nuclear safety and the United States EPA, certain conditions must be met prior to and during the test period.  A letter outlining these conditions has been provided to the occupant, owner, or owners representative.

Limitations of Tests: You understand that our control of these conditions are limited to the actual placement of the testing device.  Any tampering or manipulation of the test conditions prior to or during the test period are ou of our control.  Changes in heating and ventilation may raise or lower radon levels.  Inclement weather such as storms or high winds can contribute to unreliable test results.  The test Results are only an average of radon concentration in the area tested during the period the measurement device was exposed.  A low level of radon achieved on a short-term test does not necessarily mean that the levels that are below the 4.0 pCi/L action Level. Radon levels may be significantly higher.  There is no safe level of radon.

I.E.M.A. suggest regular follow up measurement be made on a Biannual basis ((every Two years) or sooner if any structural changes or renovations to the house have been made.