Radon can change house to house.

We use the Supra key system.



*Measurements are made in the lowest level,  and or over ground in living areas. ( 4 season areas, sun rooms, dens, over crawl spaces.-State Protocol.

*Minimum of 20 inches off floor. Away from heating vents, sump pumps, Humidifiers.  Tests placed in most used areas of the lowest level.

*Remember, Radon can change from house to house.

>Closed window conditions must be started 12 hours Prior to the test. (ALL windows-up stairs and down. Normal entrance and exit-Heat or Cool can be run on normal, fan on auto. (Not moving Furniture into a different Home)

>Inform clients that the testing machine should not be touched at any time.

MYTH: Vacant the buildings have a higher reading-NO. ( Remember Radon continually breaks down - It will seek its own level. (High or low)

MYTH: Because it is new construction it has a higher reading-NO. (It is still  the amount of the radon under that home.)

# Yes, We use the SentriLock

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